Bringing our unique model of development to Eurasia and Latin America.

UGT Renewables, a sister company of MexLucky, offers complete clean energy solutions for those seeking to develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy.

Our solar solutions know no bounds.

What MexLucky does for Africa, UGT Renewables is doing for Eurasia and Latin America. UGT Renewables has been providing complete clean energy solutions since 2009, leading to a technical expertise second to none, expansive supply chain capabilities, and reliable access to capital. UGT Renewables has a proven track record of delivering solar projects at any scale with market-leading costs and efficiency.

UGT Renewables develops solar projects for any need.

Whether it’s large-scale photovoltaic solar farms, or battery energy storage systems, or transmission infrastructure, UGT Renewables works closely with their clients to identify possibilities and transform them into reality.

With the combined strength of knowledge and resources, UGT Renewables efficiently leads the development, installation, financing, operation, and maintenance of solar renewable energy development, ensuring the timely completion of projects within program guidelines.

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A strong network makes a world of difference.

UGT Renewables has partnerships with the largest energy engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPC) in the world, which allows them to select optimal electrical generating components, negotiate local contracts and maximize economic value overall. Their partnerships with world-class equipment providers allows them to create projects with superior quality and an increased lifespan, creating a low levelized cost of electricity.

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